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H. Pylori: Detecting and Eliminating The Infection that Causes Heartburn

Dr. Daniel Kalish, DCFounder, The Kalish Method

  1. Why taking acid-blocking drugs can lead to more serious problems down the road.
  2. The very best tests for accurately diagnosing this often-silent infection.
  3. Natural therapies versus antibiotic: When and Why?
  4. The energetic and spiritual components of digestive disorders.

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  1. Lyn says:

    Unable to get sound. Bar does not come up to enable pause/stop function.

  2. Salome says:

    Always love Dr. Kalish! Thanks for a wonderful presentation!

  3. Susan says:

    Please help us find practitioners to work with. I live in the North West. I can only find Homeopaths and Naturopaths. Kalish trained Functional Docs seem to do much more testing so they are treating the actual problems. I have spent three years trying to understand all of this and largely treating myself. I need help. Thanks for this talk. I found it very interesting and helpful!

  4. Margie says:

    Hi Sean,
    Thanks for your help in getting me on to the summit. Aol was giving me problems.
    I would like to ask Dr Kalish if untreated pylori could create too much Iron absorption in the body. I have been diagnosed with H-pylori and now have found out that I have a dangerous overload of Iron stored in my body (liver). They say that the iron overload is genetic and nothing can be done dietarily, but I disagree to a point. Any thoughts. Thanks. Margie

  5. David says:

    Dr. Kalish,

    Amazing presentation! What is the overall pattern and trajectory of SIgA? You mentioned that it was low in times of stress and when a infection is picked up. What about once you have had an infection for awhile? When does SIgA become elevated when a chronic infection is at play? Thank you.

  6. Tony says:

    Helpful presentation. My question is about re-infection. I’ve had H.Pylori and taken the 2 weeks of antibiotics. I’ve taken the herbal course. But it seems easy to get re-infected, e.g., even from one’s toothbrush. How does one deal with recurring infections? I don’t want to have to repeatedly take antibiotics. Is it just a question of waiting to see if symptoms return? What is the long-term strategy?

  7. Phillippa says:

    A very interesting interview. I can see this could be relevant to many people I know. I wonder, though, what is the best way forward for some of us? What sort of practitioners would be able to order tests for this – outside the US? Would there be much point in asking a GP to test us for H. Pylori is the blood test is inaccurate and the stool test not so well known?

  8. Carolyn says:

    sound is always too low for my tablet – can you turn it up please?

  9. Shelly says:

    I just loveeee dr.Kalish. He brings it everytime!
    Sean you rock our world! Thank you for being you.

  10. Shaifali says:

    I found this session really informative. Dr. Kalish explained things very clearly and simply. He came across as very authentic. I’m definitely going to do the antigen test.

  11. Barbara says:

    Who are your sponsors? I’d like to thank them.

  12. Diana says:

    I was very interested to hear Dr Kalish talk about the spiritual dimension of H.Pylori. I believe I have H.Pylori – I tested P+ve 4 years ago and believe it has reignited. I have complex PTSD and 24 years of CFS. When I heard mention of the third chakra and deep seated fear, I resonated!!
    This is timely for me as past trauma is coming up and I am seeing how fear has dominated my life. I have been on GAPS diet 9 months and am about to use Triphala and Oregano oil as treatment. I am so thankful there are Dr’s courageous enough to discuss spiritual matters. Some say all disease starts in the energetic field and manifests into the physical body. Thank you Thank you !! x

  13. Carolyn says:

    Australia is home of Dr Barry Marshall so H Pylori stool antigen IS the test regular doctors do here.

  14. carolyn says:

    hmmm as australia is Barry Marshall’s home the stool antigen test is done by doctors as standard here i think. also as h pylori is so common i would worry about antibiotic resistance and also reinfection if you had it perhaps your immune system is just going to let it back in. How does Dr Kalish follow these patients up?

  15. carolyn says:

    🙂 ‘moderate alcohol consumption may facilitate spontaneous elimination of H. pylori infection among adults.’ Epidemiology. 1999 May;10(3):214-8. Alcohol consumption and Helicobacter pylori infection: results from the German National Health and Nutrition Survey http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/10230827

  16. Amber says:

    Very informative. Could we get some screen posts of technical terms, herbs, supplements, tests etc. These are sometimes unintelligible…. Thank you. Other webinars have excellent visuals posted during the interview….

  17. Christy says:

    Now I’m frustrated – I just did the breath test last week. It was ordered by my functional medicine dr. Now if it comes back negative I’ll have to ask to get tested again but this time with the stool test. Grr….

  18. DINA says:


  19. DINA says:


  20. Chris Kramer says:

    I have had reflux and have been on a PPI for 16 years and have been trying to get off of the medication. My H.Pylori blood test came back “equivocal,” which my doctor said she treats as positive. She prescribed the antibiotic and PPI for me, but I can’t take a PPI twice a day due to severe vomiting and diarrhea, so I have been looking for a non-medication protocol for a long time. I’m so excited to look into the herbal protocols! My daughter has had nausea and vomiting issues since she was a small child and is now 16. They seem to flare up when she’s excited or stressed, so this lecture makes me think she may have it , too. I am definitely looking into this!

  21. Kristen says:

    I was really hoping to hear about the possible connection between H.pylori and morning sickness. Does anyone know if the protocols mentioned are safe for pregnancy?

  22. Lori says:

    Is anyone else having trouble with buffering. I can’t get very far on either format, video stops and doesn’t come back on.

  23. carilyn says:

    wow if your genetic ancestry is a mismatch to that of your h pylori then look out! http://symbionticism.blogspot.com.au/2014/02/guest-blog-post-on-helicobacter-pylori.html

  24. Nik says:

    Am wondering about treatment and dosages for children? 6 y/o 33 lbs.

  25. Marji Nel says:

    Thank you for this great informative session. I have been telling specialists for over 5 years there is something wrong with me and they have just been pumping medicines down my throat to mask the symptoms. I had an endoscope and there was signs of inflammation in the stomach lining, a duodenal ulcer and peptic ulcer, but he didnt see H Pylori, nor anything in the blood test, but no antigen test was ever done…..I am convinced this is what is wrong with me. I have even been told that I am imagining things!

  26. Anne-Marie says:

    Very informative. Thank you. Anne-Marie from Belgium (Europe)

  27. Vida Gillissen says:

    Great presentation, really informative. Loving the series

  28. Dave Carter says:

    My wife has been on PPI therapy (20mg/day) for 10 years, and wants to come off, now. Why is it so difficult for some to stop this drug; what happens to that protective mucosa during PPI therapy; how long should she expect to spend reducing the dosage?

  29. Shari says:

    Sean, thank you again for all the work you do and have once again done on these sessions. I appreciated Dr. K’s presentation and learned much. But have to add this regarding the spiritual side that unless you seek after God the Father, the Creator of the universe through his son Jesus Christ, you will only be lead down to a disastrous end. Jesus said, ” I am the Way, the Truth, and the Life. No man comes to the Father but by Me.” You can find the truth for your spiritual side only in God’s Word, the Bible. Not to turn this into an argumentative thread, just don’t want anyone to be deceived. Thanks again for the digestive sessions.

    • Chioma Chiawa says:

      Dietary suggestion that you may consider is to stop eating all enriched foods. One of the things done to most processed foods is to take out the natural stuff God put in the food and enrich them with few other things. One of the things put in enriched food among other synthetic nutrients is rock form of iron which the body cannot utilize and in some people, the liver becomes over burdened with this form of iron. This condition is called hemochromatosis. Do some research about this. I understand there is a Youtube demonstration of this using corn flakes cereal.

  30. Liz says:

    I missed this lecture, darn, what did I miss?
    Here is my plan to clear HP
    1. You need to start by going on a gluten free diet. I have not had a full blown ulcer attack since doing this. I have also gone dairy-free except for butter. (Not ready to lose that yet. )
    2. If you can afford to, get tested for food sensitivities, especially dairy and grains. If you are in the UK google Michaela Rose, pure health clinic. She supplies test kits at cost. Don’t spend money testing for leaky gut – you have it!
    3. Only eat fresh foods, rotate foods and get as much variety as possible.
    4. Use an anti-candida diet.
    5. Take Mastica Gum and pure slippery elm mixed with water. Slippery elm protects the gut lining and stops the pain of ulcers and is better than taking baking soda, which I used to do when I woke in the night.
    6. I’ve heard that fresh cabbage and broccoli juice is effective, but I haven’t tried that. Maybe add a little to a smoothie in a nutribullet – so it is diluted by something nicer!
    7. When you are not in an active ulcer attack take raw garlic. Crush a clove and chop it finely. You can mix it with soy yogurt or coconut milk or whatever and swallow. I heard a herbalist on the radio saying if you have a cold you can take up to half a dozen raw cloves if you can tolerate it. Start with one though or even just a fraction in case it triggers your ulcer. If you’re OK with it increase it each day. Meanwhile keep going with the Mastica Gum. It is magic.
    8. Next step is to feed your GI tract lining with Glutamine.
    9. Finally clean your liver. (Google liver flush – it’s cheap). Only do this when you are feeling well and have nothing to do. It wipes you out for half a day.
    10. I tried taking amino acid powder but it tasted awful and it ended up going out of date and into the bin – a waste of a “lot” of money. Only buy a few things at a time and commit to take them.
    11. Grow your own organic veg if you possibly can – from organic or heritage seeds.
    That’s my pennyworth.

  31. Ann says:

    By far the most in depth explanation of h.pylori! Thank you is not enough. Answer to prayers!!

  32. Shruti says:

    Feeling really grateful for the information. Thanks all who made this happen.
    The series is helping me while I work with patients and students.

  33. Mignon says:

    Wow! Thank you so much for all the info! Pretty sure my whole family has it!

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